Dedicated and Responsive

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC is a privately-owned and operated contract cleaning firm, created to produce an organization dedicated to customer service. Its sole owner, Michael Marino, has been employed in the industry for over 30 years. He possesses a sustained track record of business development accomplishments as related to new business opportunities. Mr. Marino has repeatedly demonstrated a keen ability to clearly understand a customer's needs and act accordingly. His professional demeanor, coupled with impeccable ethics and acute business acumen, has enabled Mike to earn a well-deserved reputation for excellence. His company endeavors to provide a level of service that will elicit compliments from occupants and visitors alike.

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SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC was founded in 2004 to achieve Mr. Marino's long-term objective of forming and developing a professional service firm, utilizing his significant knowledge and experience to produce an organization unlike most others that proliferate in the marketplace today. His firm provides an alternative to the mundane and inconsistent service providers that dominate the service industry.

Organizational Structure

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC's organizational structure is designed to support our strategic objectives, which include providing our customers with maximum value and consistent, high-quality service, and making the best use of our management talent.

All sales, operations and quality assurance functions are performed in-house, spearheaded by Michael Marino and his talented support team.


SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC is devoted to providing a level of business services commensurate with the prestige associated with the clients we serve. Our knowledge and experience in this industry, augmented with an intense desire to build a quality company, with an outstanding reputation, is the bedrock upon which our success will be measured.

Regional Coverage

Whether you're responsible for one facility in one location or multiple facilities throughout the region, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC can meet your facility services needs. With SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC's regional coverage, we can effectively maintain a multitude of service locations without service interruption of any kind.