Service Installation

Our service installation customarily takes place during a four-week period. This time frame can be shortened, if necessary, depending on customer requirements. Upon notification of award, our start-up team reviews the service installation schedule and determines responsibilities, start and completion dates, deliverables, and all resources required. Our start-up team is composed of the Company President and his support staff.

Our start-up team is put in place to support and assist the SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC on-site management team. They will remain dedicated to the project until the planned level of service is achieved and the following objectives have been accomplished:

  • Staffing plan is completed
  • Orientation of on-site staff is completed
  • Supervisors and lead cleaners are trained and in place
  • Service employees are trained
  • Specification conformance has been verified
  • Client-SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC communication channels established


Translating your specifications into consistent services at the point of service delivery is a crucial start-up function. Your organization expects to receive fair value for the dollars you spend on cleaning services. Computerized workloading forms the basis by which our planners develop an efficient operating plan for your facility that makes the best possible use of the resources assigned to your facility. The software we utilize enables us to determine the following information:

  • The amount of time it should take to service the project according to the specifications
  • The number of persons it will take to provide the quality of service required
  • Where and how each employee should be allocated
  • Management and supervision resources needed to manage the program
  • Kinds of support programs needed to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Equipment, supplies and processes needed to produce optimum results
  • Program cost estimates

Recruiting and Hiring

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC has long recognized that our most valuable assets are our employees. Our corporate philosophy is based on the concept that every employee is critical to the success of our organization. Therefore, the selection of our workforce is a high priority.

We begin the recruitment process by interviewing incumbent personnel, where possible, so that we can take advantage of their experience. We review their qualifications and technical expertise to determine if a job offer can be extended to them. Existing service personnel will be evaluated before outside recruiting begins.

We also recruit personnel through referrals and through local community organizations whose reputations depend on the success of the applicants they recommend. Our experience has been that these applicants are generally well screened and self-motivated.

All applicants are thoroughly screened before they are hired according to our standard hiring procedures as well as any customer requirements. Hiring procedures may include: drug screening; criminal background check; and previous employment history. New employees (not otherwise subject to a collective-bargaining agreement) are subject to a 90-day probationary period during which time their performance is reviewed and evaluated.

Uniforms and Identification

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC personnel at our customer's site represent both organizations. The image they present reflects on the quality of the facility operations. We believe that a professional appearance promotes pride and leads to improved levels of service, as well as providing enhanced security. SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC personnel are required to wear uniforms or cobbler aprons, provided by the company, whenever they are on the job site. Our uniforms and aprons are attractive and distinctive. The professional image they project reflects very well upon our customer and also instills a sense of pride in each of our workers.

In addition, based on our client's requirements, all employees are issued identification badges with their name and photograph clearly visible. Identification badges are required to be worn at or above the waist by all SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employees at all times when on the customer's premises.

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