Quality Assurance

At SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC, we understand that service quality is achieved by meeting or exceeding our customers' requirements, with every action, every day. We're not good until you say we're good!

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. To do this, we must clearly define what you expect from us, develop standards by which our employees will perform, and measure the results. Together with you, we will develop standards of performance by which the quality of services can be measured. These standards will be clear, concise, and measurable to allow us to track our performance against your service requirements.

Quality Standards

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC is committed to providing quality service that is based on total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. We work with you to successfully implement a quality process within your facility that reflects our philosophy and commitment to quality.

Regular inspections are an integral part of our quality program. Our ability to constantly assess and document the level of service our customers are receiving is a large part of our success. Our quality inspection program includes:

  • Daily inspections by on-site Manager/Supervisor
  • Weekly inspections by Operations Manager
  • Random inspections by the Company President

At the conclusion of the Operation Manager's inspection, we meet with your representative to review all of the quality data we have collected. This meeting also gives you an opportunity to discuss any areas of concern you may have or any other issues that need to be addressed.

With your approval, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC will institute a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" to measure your quality perceptions of our work. We track complaints and develop a Customer Satisfaction Index based on number of complaints per building. We then develop key quantitative measures to assess real and perceived levels of performance. These measures are tracked on a regular basis and their results shared with both SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employees and your representatives.


Inspections are a vital part of the SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC quality program. Operations Managers receive periodic incentive bonuses based on positive inspection results. Therefore, they have a vested interest in making sure that all services performed at your facility are done correctly.

Standard Inspections

The SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC Inspection Program is designed based on your requirements. We jointly establish parameters for each cleaning area during program installation. An evaluation of the condition of the facility along with baseline quality objectives are specified at the outset. These objectives become the benchmark for all future inspections for each individual area.

Daily inspections are conducted by the Site Manager/Supervisor and include:

  • Reviewing the customer communications log
  • Reviewing the periodic task schedule
  • Verifying the staffing plan
  • Inspecting equipment
  • Ensuring that service workers have proper uniforms and IDs
  • Reviewing key control procedures
  • Reviewing previous inspection files and logs
  • Checking inventory of supplies

The Operations Manager meets with your representative on a weekly basis to:

  • Review the objectives and standards for each area
  • Discuss overall inspection scores for each area, based on number score and weighting according to importance
  • Provide written comments on areas that are not acceptable
  • Discuss opportunities for improvements

Uniforms and Identification

SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC personnel at our customer's site represent both organizations. The image they present reflects on the quality of the facility operations. We believe that a professional appearance promotes pride and leads to improved levels of service, as well as providing enhanced security. SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC personnel are required to wear uniforms or cobbler aprons, provided by the company, whenever they are on the job site. Our uniforms and aprons are attractive and distinctive. The professional image they project reflects very well upon our customer and also instills a sense of pride in each of our workers.

In addition, based on our client's requirements, all employees are issued identification badges with their name and photograph clearly visible. Identification badges are required to be worn at or above the waist by all SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employees at all times when on the customer's premises.

Customer Communications

Frequent communication is a key element of our project management plan. Our on-site Manager/Supervisor is readily available to handle your requests, and will provide you with information about your facility on a regular basis. We make it easy for you to communicate with us. With radios, pagers, cell phones and e-mail, we're never out of touch. Following are some of the communication tools used by SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC:

Radios and Cell Phones Two-way radios and/or cell phones are provided to SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC staff members based on the needs of the individual facility. As a result, we can provide immediate response to an overflow in the restroom, a spill in the break area, or any other request that requires rapid response.

Emergency Contact Information SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC provides cell phones to members of our management team to facilitate rapid and timely communications for situations that require immediate response. Customers are provided with emergency contact information, including cell phone numbers, for the SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC Manager/Supervisor who is involved with managing your account.

Communication Logbook The SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC communication logbook is a daily diary of the activities of the facility. It is used by SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC staff and management to document service requests and activities that occur during a given shift. The documentation and implementation of special service requests during non-cleaning hours are also managed through use of the logbook. Each request is addressed and answered on a nightly basis with the appropriate staff. Responses are documented in the logbook and noted for reference.

The logbook also provides a mechanism for SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC staff to communicate with customers regarding any special problems that might arise during the evening shift that prevented an area from being serviced, such as clogged drains, outlets not working, etc. Each management visit that oc

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