Our Team

Our on-site and regional management team is structured to meet the requirements of your facility and to promote good communication between SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC and you.

  • Manager/Supervisor - Responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations of our program at your facility and serving as your immediate, on-site SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC contact. Performs daily inspections.
  • Operations Manager - Ensures that we are meeting your needs while maintaining SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC quality standards. Performs weekly inspections.
  • President - Supports the regional project management team by making sure all necessary resources are available and that SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC quality standards are being met. Performs periodic inspections.

The Operations Manager is a critical liaison between service workers, management, and the customer. That's why our Operations Managers are required to have excellent technical knowledge based on experience and training, as well as strong team leadership skills.

On a daily basis, the Operations Manager, along with the on-site supervisors, will perform the following tasks:

  • Plan and schedule the flow of work
  • Organize equipment and supplies
  • Assign and distribute work
  • Direct the work activities of the team
  • Coordinate the activities of their teams with other work teams
  • Control costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Look for ways to improve methods and processes
  • Promote safe working conditions
  • Encourage open lines of communication for all employees
  • Recognize service workers for superior performance
  • Recommend service improvements to the customer

Our Approach

Our approach to project management is to design a plan that specifically addresses your requirements. We analyze the information gathered from tours of your facility and discussions with your representatives about the unique requirements of your facility. We couple that information with knowledge gained from our experience providing similar services at similar facilities.

The result is that, before we begin service delivery, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC will provide AAA Mid-Atlantic with:

  • A detailed document that describes the specific tasks SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC will perform before as well as after the installation of service
  • A professional site management plan that incorporates appropriate security consistent with the requirements of the facility
  • A comprehensive, quality assurance program that ensures a clean and safe workplace for facility occupants, visitors, and service workers, with sensitivity to environmental concerns
  • A communications plan that enables immediate response to emergency conditions and quick response to daily requests

Periodic Tasks Scheduling
At SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC we understand that the proper management of periodic tasks is also essential to the overall quality of your cleaning program. If left to chance, such important cleaning tasks as dusting vents, sweeping stairs, machine scrubbing restrooms, etc., are done sporadically or not done at all.

The SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC Periodic Tasks Scheduling Program is designed to schedule, assign, and track periodic tasks as they become due and are completed. The program lists each periodic task to be performed, the area in which it is to be performed, the amount of time expected to complete the task, and the date the task is due to be completed. Comprehensive scheduling reports and a service calendar are then created. This allows managers to perform advance planning of each task, ensuring all necessary resources are in place at the right times.

We routinely evaluate chemicals, equipment and methods so that we can continuously improve the services we provide to our customers. Specialists from our approved vendors periodically review techniques, materials and equipment with our management staff to improve standards and increase productivity.

This process involves product research, training application, field-testing and an aggressive program with manufacturers and distributors to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on the latest technological advancements affecting our industry.


Training is an integral part of the SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC Safety Program. Our employees receive a safety orientation that includes information on:

  • SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC safety policies and procedures
  • Safety policies of the facility
  • Emergency procedures
  • Proper use of chemicals
  • Hazard recognition and reporting
  • Recognizing substances that may contain blood-borne pathogens
  • Handling and disposing of hazardous materials
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Lifting and material handling

Operations Managers and supervisors are further trained in:

  • Safety inspections
  • Accident investigation
  • Conducting safety meetings
  • Material handling
  • Claims management
  • Hazard Communication (HazCom)


Security begins with the selection and hiring of a dependable workforce. Professional interviewing and selection techniques are used. Security is further enhanced through the use of close supervision and specific assignment of work areas for all employees. Security is critical at all facilities, and SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC strictly adheres to our customer's security procedures.

Additionally, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC utilizes:

  • Sign-in and sign-out books and/or time clocks
  • Uniforms and visible ID badges
  • Periodic security meetings
  • Area assignment schedules for all employees
  • Review of site security rules and regulations

Our Employees

All SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employees must match their behavior to reasonable standards of professional conduct. Employees are informed of these standards in their initial employment orientation. Service workers are given SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC's employee work rules as well as site-specific work rules. Upon receipt of the work rules, employees must sign an acknowledgment that they have read and understand the rules and agree to abide by them. This acknowledgment is retained in the employee's personnel file.

Retention Plan
Consistency in service delivery requires a consistent, stable employee base. That's why one of our major goals at SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC is to maximize employee retention. We strive to maintain an above average industry retention rate through the following methods:

  • Comprehensive recruiting, interviewing and selection procedures to make sure we hire the right people
  • Initial and ongoing training to develop consistent job skills and encourage self improvement
  • Competitive wages
  • Employee recognition programs and incentive awards
  • Technically-proficient and professional supervisory and management teams
  • Technologically advanced equipment
  • Management commitment to promotion from within

uring start-up planning, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC develops and recommends an employee incentive program, customized for your location, that is based on quality rating measurements, attendance, or combinations of these and other key service measurement criteria. The end result is an incentive program designed to encourage and promote quality and reduce employee turnover.

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