The cleaning products we use are formulated to achieve maximum cleaning effectiveness, while at the same time exceeding all environmental and safety requirements. The cleaning chemical program results in several direct benefits to you, including:

  • Cleaner, healthier environment for occupants and visitors to your facility
  • Improved indoor air quality for occupants and visitors
  • Reduced possibility of property damage due to improper use of chemicals
  • Possibility of reduced liability insurance premiums for your facility

The cleaning products we use exceed the requirements of all EPA and OSHA government regulations enacted to protect the environment and the safety of those that work in or visit your facility. Almost all of the chemicals we use are premixed by the manufacturer. That means we've virtually eliminated the possibility of improper dilution of cleaning solutions.

We ensure consistency by establishing:

  • Standardized packaging and dilution ratios
  • Optimal choices of products for each cleaning application
  • Uniform training on product use
  • Simplified HazCom programs
  • Internal technical support

Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available, at each job site, to employees and to SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC customers. Our local suppliers have instituted their own quality assurance programs to ensure products meet design specifications and are labeled to meet the strictest standards for label content and warnings.

All employees receive mandatory training on chemical usage during orientation. Additional training occurs when the employee is assigned to a location. Supervisors verify employee knowledge of proper chemical usage, continuously monitoring and reinstructing as necessary. Consultants are available 24 hours a day for product-use, application and procedures inquiries.


Consistent with our corporate philosophy, we have standardized the equipment used by our service workers. Standardization of equipment provides several key advantages to our customers including:

  • Increased safety because our employees are thoroughly trained and familiar with the equipment
  • More efficient standardized training for service workers because we limit the types of equipment used
  • Reduced training time and expense
  • Higher quality levels because equipment use is maximized

We continually search for the best possible cleaning equipment, from high efficiency dust cloths to self-propelled space vacuums that save time and increase productivity. We consult with our suppliers' frequently to obtain the latest data on new equipment technology.


Maximizing the benefits of the equipment and chemicals used in our work processes has required the development of standard cleaning techniques. SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC's cleaning procedures guarantee that our equipment and chemicals perform to their maximum capabilities at every facility.

Why are we so particular about our chemicals, equipment and methods? Simply because there is more at stake than just appearances. Improper cleaning procedures in restrooms, for example, can leave infectious bacteria on surfaces and pose potentially dangerous health hazards to your facility's occupants and visitors. We have a corporate commitment to provide cleaning services that consistently exceed our customers' expectations. And we take that commitment seriously.


We treat all of our employees as professionals. Our training program provides our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver efficient, dependable service to our customers. Each employee is given a specific responsibility, and is individually recognized for accomplishments. The orientation of a new employee consists of principally on-the-job training. We make sure that every SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employee is:

  • Technically proficient with chemicals, equipment and methods
  • Familiar with the rules and regulations of the facility
  • Thoroughly trained regarding safety matters
  • Committed to providing outstanding customer service

Initial Orientation and Training

During the start-up phase, SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC Operations Manager and on-site Manager/Supervisor conduct training sessions at our customers' locations for all SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC employees who will be working at the job site. The agenda includes:

  • Orientation to SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC and to the facility
  • Orientation to specific facility rules and regulations
  • SPITFIRE SERVICES GROUP LLC policies and procedures
  • Safety training
  • Restroom cleaning procedures
  • Common area cleaning procedures
  • Explanation of individual job duties
  • Proper use of tools and equipment
  • Waste disposal
  • Smoking regulations
  • Site security rules and procedures
  • Uniform distribution
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Training for service workers is conducted during regular working hours and concentrates on specific work tasks. The Operations Manager and on-site Manager/Supervisor will perform the following assignments:

  • Demonstrate each step of the cleaning process
  • Review importance of why a task is performed in a specified manner
  • Constructively guide employee while they perform their tasks
  • Explain the safe use of chemicals and equipment
  • Train service workers to perform visual inspections of their area before completing work, and to correct any deficiencies noted
  • Inspect completed work and retrain when necessary
  • Complete initial training checklist for each employee, and review performance at regular intervals

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